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The Virtual ToothFairy

A fun and magical way to talk to kids about their oral health!
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The TeleDentists presents
the Virtual ToothFairy 

Your little angel just lost their first tooth, let them talk to The Virtual ToothFairy! The TeleDentists presents the Virtual Tooth Fairy, available for scheduled video calls with your kid to talk about oral health.

For only $25, give your child an incredible experience of talking to The Virtual ToothFairy. We promise they won’t stop smiling.

Facetime with The Virtual ToothFairy using our HIPAA compliant platform. Our teledental platform lets your little one chat with The Virtual ToothFairy while keeping your kid’s information safe and secure.

Our Virtual ToothFairy is a licensed dental hygienist and specializes in helping children with their oral health. Oral hygiene is super important to The Virtual ToothFairy. Teeth don’t have to be perfect but talking to the ToothFairy is an excellent chance to remind your child about keeping their teeth healthy.

boy missing tooth
girl laughing missing tooth
little girl smiling missing tooth
little boy smiling missing tooth
toothfairy helper mouse holding tooth
little girl smiling missing tooth

Let The Virtual ToothFairy reduce dental anxiety. Kids have all types of questions for The Virtual ToothFairy and sometimes don't feel comfortable in a dental office setting. The ToothFairy makes the experience fun and magical for your child!

How it works

1. Schedule a visit with The Virtual ToothFairy

Sign up to get started! Create a new account with your email and password. If you've used our system before you can sign in to get started. Once you’ve told us a little about yourself, log into the HIPAA compliant platform to “Book an appointment”.

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2. Virtual Waiting Room

Click “Book an Appointment” and fill out your payment information & our quick questionnaire. Select a time that works for you and our ToothFairy, and we’ll send you an email confirmation. Our Virtual ToothFairy takes video visits Monday through Friday from 8 AM/CST to 6 PM/CST and Saturday from 9AM/CST to 12AM/CST

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3. Virtual ToothFairy Visit

When your appointment time comes, your little one can video chat with The Virtual ToothFairy! The Virtual ToothFairy can discuss oral hygiene habits like brushing teeth, flossing, and nutrition. She can also help with any dental product recommendation. A learning, magical experience!

4. Follow Up Care

If dental work is required, our Customer Service Representatives can refer you to a dental office at a location most convenient for you. We will have you back to smiling in no time!

toothfairy cartoon

The Virtual Tooth Fairy can give brushing and flossing instructions, product recommendations, and, if you need, a referral to a dental office for treatment. She works with The TeleDentists and can connect you directly to an online dentist or help schedule an appointment in an office.

The Tooth Fairy Gives Your Child:

Brushing and Flossing Instructions
Product Recommendations
Referrals to a Dental Office (if needed)

Prevention Starts with Education! The best way to treat tooth decay is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The Virtual ToothFair helps children and their caregivers understand the importance of good oral health habits in an interactive and delightful way.

Our Tooth Fairy will encourage your little ones to be proactive in their oral health in a fun and magical way. And after the consult, our ToothFairy will email you a note specifically to your child, as a reminder of their visit together.

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